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      The annual Gunpowder Falls State Park cleanup, coordinated by the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, was held on April 19, 1997. As a result of the efforts of 400 volunteers, nine tons of trash were removed from streams, shorelines, and trails. Also, more than 1100 trees were planted, some along shorelines to act as riparian buffers. The Greater Baltimore Canoe Club, committed to working on improvement of rivers and streams, is a regular volunteer for this event. Shown here, members are collecting trash and debris from the Big Gunpowder Falls below Route 40. They used ingenious methods to convey the "cargo" to Days Cove where it was hauled to a local recycler or land fill.


Brent D. Lehmann Jr., Ex Seasonal Ranger

Snapping Turtle -- NCR trail (7/99)

Kye Jenkins, Phoenix, MD

Killdeer -- Papermill, Loch Raven (8/97)

Caspian Tern, Loch Raven (8/97)

Warbling Vireo -- Loch Raven, Gunpowder Falls (5/97)

Common Loon Winter Plumage -- Loch Raven (12/98)

Michael Weller, Towson State University

Gull at Loch Raven Reservoir (2/99)

Flocks of geese take flight at Loch Raven Reservoir (2/99 )

Assorted water fowl frolic in the snow at Loch Raven Reservoir (2/99)

Two ducks in flight display their plumage (2/99)


Kye Jenkins, Phoenix, MD

Bracken Fern (5/95)

Yellow Ladies' Slipper -- F4-250 Warren Rd, Loch Raven (5/95)

Jack in the Pulpit "Fruit" -- F4-250 Warren Rd, Loch Raven (10/94)

Cardinal Flower -- Loch Raven (10/93)


Michael Weller, Towson State University

Island in Loch Raven Reservoir (2/99)

Dam at Loch Raven Reservoir (2/99)



Brent D. Lehmann, Jr. (6/99)

Waterfalls on the North Central Railroad (used by Seasonal Rangers as a place in jump in and cool off on 90-100 degree summer days)


Kye Jenkins, Phoenix, MD

Loch Raven Old Picnic Area (3/97)

Michael Weller, Towson State University

The Gunpowder River south of Pretty Boy Reservoir (2/99)

Snow falls on small tributary (2/99)

A snowy day at Loch Raven Reservoir (2/99)

Welcome to Pretty Boy Reservoir (2/99)

Wide shot of Pretty Boy Reservoir

Shoreline of Pretty Boy Reservoir (2/99)

Tributary north of Loch Raven Reservoir (2/99)

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