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April 22nd, 2000
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The Gunpowder Watershed is located in Baltimore, Carroll, and Harford Counties in Northeast Maryland, and York County in Pennsylvania.  The basin drains approximately 478 square miles, of which about 11 square miles are in York County.  Based on the 1990 census, 455,000 people live in the basin, or about 9 percent of Maryland's population.  The Gunpowder Watershed is particularly important in that it provides its own residents as well as the nearly 700,000 residents of the City of Baltimore, Maryland's largest city, the majority of their piped water. 
The basin is primarily rural. However, development pressure is significant and is a threat to natural resources.  Between 1990 and 2020, the human population is expected to increase by 15 percent, this is due to the basin's proximity to metropolitan Baltimore.

Water is the Source of Life

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What is a watershed? Why should I care about the Gunpowder Watershed?
Bathymetry of Loch Raven Reservoir

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Environmental hazards, with an emphasis on Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (commonly known as Superfund) sites
Infrared aerial photography (DOQ composites) of Loch Raven and Pretty Boy 
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